Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crochet round frame

My plan for this summer was to find as many good DIY tutorials as possible and try them out. This way i would learn new techniques as well as get some inspiration for designing my own things.

I didn't get too far with my plan. I've tried one more knitted toy from my book and gave it to my sister (i didn't take a photo unfortunately). But i did find a lot of tutorials and patterns mostly through Pinterest and blogs. I even made a folder for them:

One nice tutorial i've also tried was the tutorial on making little crochet flower frames. I found it through Pinterest and it seemed nice and easy. I happened to have some old metal bracelets that i don't use anymore.

The tutorial was really easy to follow (remember, i'm still a beginner crocheter) so i got a nice flower.

I printed a vintage bicycle image i found on *The Graphics Fairy* blog. I glued the image to a piece of carton and then secured the frame on the carton in several places using needle and simple thread.

Now it's hanging on my fridge among all the fun stuff.

Hopefully august won't be as busy as two previous summer months and i will manage to try more tutorials. I will definitely show you what i got.

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