Friday, April 29, 2011

My photo on the website

Our friends Ivan and Anya of Full of Nothing have made a new website for their music project Love Cult. They used my photograph for the background.

I love how every website or page or anything they do looks so simple and minimalistic and so beautiful at the same time.

I have had many things lately to blog about, but my friend's wedding it tonight and there have been so many preparations going on. Those preparations added to loads of school work i have at the moment resulted in no time to write here. But i promise i will catch up as soon as i can.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Origami garland

After i've got the Origami book i've been making origami from time to time, placing one as a little surprise gift in most of the packages shipped from Jozik records. One day i came up with an idea to decorate one of our doorways with origami birds hanging from the ceiling. But i didn't have much time to concentrate on making many of those birds, i made one or two from time to time, and most of them ended up in packages with Jozik releases.

Today i finally made enough birds for my garland.

Then i found some colorful felted balls i bought one day in Sinelli

I added them to my bird garland. It came out really sweet and colorful.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding invitation cards: part 2

Last weekend we met with my friend to finish the cards

We glued all the flower bows i've done on the outer carton cards

And we printed and cut out all the inserts

And today we are officially invited!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I found out about this site from one of the blogs i follow. It seemed quite interesting, so i registered.

I am not the kind of person that finds loads of nice pictures and saves them on the computer (i think this site might be very useful for this type of people). But i often come across some nice ideas and i think its such a great idea, i should do something like that and then i just forget about it. And then comes the time i feel like doing something creative and i start thinking of all those ideas i came across at some point and none of them come into my mind. I found Pinterest to be a great place to store my inspirations.

I really like this site, it is very easy to pin the images as well as browse through other people's inspirations. And i especially like that all the images are linked to the original source, so through other people's pinboards i can find new nice blogs, web-shops and other sites as well as remember where i pinned my images from.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wedding invitation cards: part 1

I've spent the whole evening today making glittery ribbon flowers.

And i am very excited about making them because they are meant for wedding invitation cards. My friend is getting married in the end of this month! There are a lot of preparations ahead and i am helping her with all the decorations. I am so excited! It is an Asian wedding that we are planning, and those people do decorate a lot and it always looks beautiful! I am really happy to participate!

So on Saturday we started with the invitations.

We spent lots of time in Sinelli (local craft shop) trying to find nice materials with matching colors. We tried all possible combinations, and light turquoise with purple and light beige seemed to look the best. 

Then we came back to my friend's place and made a test sample of the card. 

We used shiny carton for the outside card, plain paper ribbon to wrap around the card, silver and purple ribbons for the flower in the center and some silver stickers for border decorations. The invitation text will be printed on the beige paper and placed inside the card.

The card came out looking very cute. So we decided to keep this design. We made plain versions for all 30 cards that night.

Now my task for this week is to make 30 flowers. I have 18 ready so far. It's so much fun making them!

I will post the final version of the cards when they are ready!