Monday, May 9, 2011


With all the birthdays, women's day, Easter and other spring celebrations there were flowers in our apartment all the time in March and April.

I got so used to having flowers around that it looked totally empty when i had to take them away. So i decided to save couple of bouquets. I've held them hanging from the ceiling for about a week to dry.

And now i have them back in their vases! Not as fresh as they were but still beautiful!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Knitted soft cases

I don't know why i haven't blogged about this before, but i have a little addiction. I knit a custom soft case for almost every little piece of equipment i get.

I've knitted cases for my film cameras

for my tiny synth

for my flute

and even for my phone

I like trying out new patterns on those cases, because they are small and easy to make again if it doesn't go well from the first time. Actually, after having made those cases i got an idea for the next Jozik tape release cover. You'll get to see it soon!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Knitted toys

Several months ago when looking for some book about photography on Amazon, i thought that i could also order some small and cheap books that could teach me some new DIY and crafty things. So among others, i ordered a book by Anna Hrachovec called "Knitting Mochimochi".

I really like knitting, so i thought it would be fun to learn how to knit toys. The reviews on Amazon said the instructions in the book are very clear so i got it. And it was true! I am not a very advanced knitter, all i can knit is scarves, socks and some soft cases for my cameras and music instruments (planning to share those here soon!) And the skills i have seem to be more than enough to make the toys described in this book. I had to learn some new techniques, but the instructions were really clear, so it was easy.

Couple of weeks ago i started with the book by just trying the basic techniques described in there. I thought i just make something that had legs and ears, so i can learn how to make those. But once i added eyes and mouth to it, it suddenly started to look so cute!

During the weekend i was slightly sick so i stayed in bed most of the time and i decided to finally try one of the actual toy patterns from the book. So i made a pair of pocket protectors.

They are now protecting a side pocket of our backpack:

I can't wait to try other patterns as well try making up a toy myself. I also want to try making very tiny ones.

This post was not sponsored by anyone. I did not get any money to review the items featured in this post.