Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer gifts

Again i took a long break from blogging and there are two reasons for that: we had guests and four new releases are coming out very soon on Jozik records and they all need artworks.

My mom was one of our guests. And she is the kind of guest that never comes without gifts. Apart from lots of marmalade, this time she brought me new watercolor paints!

It is really embarrassing, but before these i used the ones that are for kids. They are much cheaper and whenever i wanted to buy real ones i could not afford them.

I couldn't wait to try them out. And i am really happy, the colors are so much brighter and it feels much nicer to paint with real paints.

One of the next releases will have a watercolor painting done with these new paints!

Mom also brought a funny sticky craft material that is actually made for kids, but she thought i might want to play with it too :)

I've actually started decorating something with it, but the process is not so easy. The material is made for kids, so it never dries in case kids accidentally swallow it. So i am trying to figure out a way to decorate with it. I'll show you the result when i have it.

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