Monday, May 2, 2011

Knitted toys

Several months ago when looking for some book about photography on Amazon, i thought that i could also order some small and cheap books that could teach me some new DIY and crafty things. So among others, i ordered a book by Anna Hrachovec called "Knitting Mochimochi".

I really like knitting, so i thought it would be fun to learn how to knit toys. The reviews on Amazon said the instructions in the book are very clear so i got it. And it was true! I am not a very advanced knitter, all i can knit is scarves, socks and some soft cases for my cameras and music instruments (planning to share those here soon!) And the skills i have seem to be more than enough to make the toys described in this book. I had to learn some new techniques, but the instructions were really clear, so it was easy.

Couple of weeks ago i started with the book by just trying the basic techniques described in there. I thought i just make something that had legs and ears, so i can learn how to make those. But once i added eyes and mouth to it, it suddenly started to look so cute!

During the weekend i was slightly sick so i stayed in bed most of the time and i decided to finally try one of the actual toy patterns from the book. So i made a pair of pocket protectors.

They are now protecting a side pocket of our backpack:

I can't wait to try other patterns as well try making up a toy myself. I also want to try making very tiny ones.

This post was not sponsored by anyone. I did not get any money to review the items featured in this post.

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