Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hand-Stiched Notebook

I have been away from my blog way too long. The dark winter days have not been very inspiring for photographing, plus there haven't been much crafting going on here because i got a day job. But now i've reorganized my schedule and the sun started coming out, so i have many new things to show you.

I have finally learnt to hand-stitch notebooks! And i fell in love with it. I have been checking loads of tutorials for the past half a year or so. Finally i figured out the most clear way for me to do it and here is my first notebook.

 I was expecting the first notebook to come out quite lousy. Surprisingly it came out very nice. I used office paper of two different colors and i kept changing the color for each signature.

On the picture below you can see how the stitches look on the spine. I like the way the spine looks so much, that i've decided to use the cover only for front and back. This is also much easier than making the whole cover. This notebook now belongs to my friend Ksenia.

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