Friday, January 20, 2012

Treasuries on Etsy

I have been away for too long again. My adaptation period after the holidays always takes time. But i had a lovely holiday and now i'm back with new projects and ideas. I will have new things to show soon, some ongoing collaborations and new additions to my Etsy shop. For now i'll just share my treasuries on Etsy which i've tried making for the first time.

The Beauty of Natural Colors

Lovely Pastels

There can never be too much white

I've wanted to try making treasuries long time ago and i've even tried starting couple of times but it always seemed too hard. Yesterday i somehow got so inspired that i just started making several of them at the same time. I had lots of fun! I found lots of nice new shops and i really enjoyed matching the listings. It was not too easy, but i think it's a good exercise for developing taste for color and style.

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