Thursday, October 13, 2011

Banana Pill Tour CD-R

This week is the last week before we go on tour and it has been a bit crazy as usually. I stayed up really late making covers and t-shirts. Today i can finally slow down a bit. I still have some things to do, but at least the biggest things are ready and i don't have to go to school today.

Two big things basically were t-shirts and a new Banana Pill live CD-R we've made especially for the tour. Now that the t-shirts are drying after a successful wash (the images have not disappeared!) and the CD's are packed i can finally show you the result of my work.

The idea of this CD-R was that we make it fast and cheap, so that anyone could buy it and we could give it as a gift to someone if we want to. We included only live tracks there, so that people who hear us and like it can buy it and listen to something similar to what they've heard.

So i went with this very simple design. I've ripped apart one simple white CD sleeve, traced it over this nice carton, cut it out and glued together. Then i've stamped the text on the front of each sleeve with my alphabet stamps. Stamping letter by letter doesn't give you perfectly straight text, but i like it because this way each sleeve is unique.

I've stamped the CD-R's the same way. I just needed to remove extra ink with a tissue, otherwise it wouldn't dry so well. I used inkjet-printable CD-R's.

Even though i didn't expect this CD-R to look any special, i am really happy with a result. Very minimalist and stylish. Cheap and easy, but it sure takes some time.

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