Sunday, August 28, 2011


Several days ago i've received a parcel with some new stamps. I finally decided to try and order something from Etsy. I really like rubber stamping, but stamps are quite expensive in local craft shops and i don't even like most of the designs. So when i found Blossom Stamps shop on Etsy, i ordered some stamps straight away.

First, i just wanted to review my new stamps, but then i thought why don't i share my whole little stamp collection.

This is my first rubber stamp. I just wanted to try rubber stamping, so i wanted to buy a small and cheap stamp. This ladybug was really cute so i got it. You've probably seen it used on my notebooks.

These are handmade Indian wooden stamps i found in a local craft shop. I really liked the designs and it took me a long time to pick these two. They are really pretty but it's not so easy to get a nice looking image with them, because the material is hard, unlike rubber or polymer.

I've been looking for alphabet stamps for a really long time. I was really happy to finally find them in a local craft shop. I have used them for some gift packaging, but initially i wanted to get these to use them on tape covers for our Jozik releases. Hopefully i can try that soon. But they are definitely good for many other purposes.

And finally, the stamps i received from the Blossom Stamps Etsy shop. When i first found the shop i just wanted to get almost all of their stamps, i really liked the designs. But then i decided to choose the ones i like the most, try them out and if i like them get more later. Their stamps are handmade using photopolymer, so i wasn't sure if they are as good as rubber. But when i tried them out i definitely wasn't disappointed.

I really like the amount of detail these stamps have. I've been wanting a bicycle stamp and some birds so i'm really happy they had those in the shop. I am definitely going to order more from them. They do custom stamps as well, so i'm thinking of a Jozik stamp maybe.

This post was not sponsored by anyone. I did not get any money to review the items featured in this post.

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