Friday, June 10, 2011

Long time no blogging

I'm sorry for being away from my blog for so long. There were so many things to do during the second half of May and some of them still continue. First of all, i had exams and lots of assignments to complete for my school. After the exams were over, we still had a one-week intensive course to complete before holiday would start. And it was a really nice photography course, but it was full of home works and assignments. After the course i still had to do a photo-series final assignment, and i decided that it would be about biking, because it is finally warm in Helsinki and i got a new bicycle, so i spend lots of time biking.

On top of all those school things, we have put out three new releases on Jozik records. And all the packaging was supposed to be knitted, crocheted and sewn, so they took all my free time. We've put up the releases on the website when only part of the packaging/recording was complete and orders started coming, so i had to pack a lot of parcels while still finishing some knitting, sewing and cutting out. Then my summer work started and first days there were busy too.

Now it's getting better and i'm back to my blog! The record covers are coming very soon!

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