Friday, June 10, 2011

Kheta Hotem "Meri vaahtolaine"

I've learnt to crochet while designing an artwork for this release. I've always been a knitting person and never knew how to crochet. Last Christmas my sister gave me a basics of knitting and crocheting book and she also showed me the basic crochet stitches (she is a crochet person in our family). So i've decided to try and cochet something for this packaging. And i came up with this basic round shape to cover the CD-R.

We received a nice photograph from one of Kheta Hotem's members and we decided to use it because it goes well together with all other round shapes used in the design.

For the CD-R print we bought white CD-R's. I've made a carton stensil and painted over it with different markers.

Check the description and sounds on Jozik records.

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