Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wedding invitation cards: part 1

I've spent the whole evening today making glittery ribbon flowers.

And i am very excited about making them because they are meant for wedding invitation cards. My friend is getting married in the end of this month! There are a lot of preparations ahead and i am helping her with all the decorations. I am so excited! It is an Asian wedding that we are planning, and those people do decorate a lot and it always looks beautiful! I am really happy to participate!

So on Saturday we started with the invitations.

We spent lots of time in Sinelli (local craft shop) trying to find nice materials with matching colors. We tried all possible combinations, and light turquoise with purple and light beige seemed to look the best. 

Then we came back to my friend's place and made a test sample of the card. 

We used shiny carton for the outside card, plain paper ribbon to wrap around the card, silver and purple ribbons for the flower in the center and some silver stickers for border decorations. The invitation text will be printed on the beige paper and placed inside the card.

The card came out looking very cute. So we decided to keep this design. We made plain versions for all 30 cards that night.

Now my task for this week is to make 30 flowers. I have 18 ready so far. It's so much fun making them!

I will post the final version of the cards when they are ready!

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