Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kutomo / Bedroom Bear split and a new site for Jozik

Ok, let's say I had a month holiday from blogging...

January has been very lazy and relaxed in the beginning and very busy in the end. But i am back to my blog now and first of all i would like to present a new release on Jozik records. It is a split cassette of Finland's Kutomo and Russia's Bedroom Bear:

This time the artwork has been done by Diana Vishnevskaya, an excellent artist from St. Petersburg. Check her drawings and photography here:  http://cargocollective.com/dianavishnevskaya

I am amazed by the whole release. The package is super stylish and the music is beautiful. We think it's the best release on Jozik so far.

You can find more details about the cassette on our new site. That's actually another thing i wanted to share.

One day Myspace got so ugly, i could not believe it. So i tried to come up with something i could make fast (i am still planning to make an actual website, but it will take me lots of time). So i decided to make a Jozik site right here, on Blogger, cause i am so used to it.

One evening was enough for it, and i am quite happy with the result. It looks pretty and actually has all the functions we need.

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  1. Очень красиво оформлен релиз.