Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jozik business cards

Several times, when travelling or organizing gigs, we've been to a situation where we meet some people who want to collaborate with us, share something, send demos or just contact us afterwards for some reason. And it always goes like, "Yeah, there's our e-mail on the back of that CD we gave you" or "There's a link to our website on..." or in the worst case we don't even exchange details at all. So i thought it would be nice to make some kind of business cards for Jozik (i don't really like the expression "business card" in our case cause it sounds like it's some serious big business we keep :) )

So i went to Askarelli and bought some nice textured craft paper

Then i printed Jozik contact details on the white side of the paper and cut the cards out

They're cute and feel a bit like they're made out of wallpaper :)

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