Friday, December 24, 2010

Installation for a poetry evening

Last Friday we took part in a poetry evening by exhibiting an installation. We did the installation together with a group of photographers called PMAM as well as a group of poets. We did the music for the installation as Banana Pill and i also took part in video editing.

I made a video preview of the loop for you to check out:

We made two videos like this and originally they were supposed to be projected on two sides of a white cube-shaped box with a sound coming from inside the box (two loop-stations connected to a small combo were placed inside the box). The box was placed in a dark room, next to the room where poets were reading their poems to visitors. Unfortunately, we had problems with projectors, so we had to keep only one video on one side of the box. It looked good anyway, but i didn't manage to take a good video of the whole installation.

Hopefully we get to do more things with those people. I really like when artists from different genres work together and i enjoy the results.

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