Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Jozik release

I've finally finished the design for the new release on Jozik records. It was our first try on releasing something we don't participate ourselves in. The release is a split cassette with a Russian artist Earth Incubator on one side and a Norwegian duo Bjerga/Iversen on the other.

This was the first time we tried that kind of cassette stickers. They look good, but next time i would rather use them on the colored cassettes. As for those transparent cassettes, i should try spray-painting them next time.

I drew the pattern for the stickers with black pen and markers and scanned it.

The boxes are made from textured carton i got from a stationary shop. I've just cut out some cassette-wide straps from it, folded them in right places and glued the edges together. The most fun part was (and still is) painting them with watercolor. I just love the process of making those crazy patterns with lots of water and many colors mixing into one another. I also love how each box is unique even though they all have the same design.

We'll post the info about the release on the Jozik site in a few days when we have some more copies ready and they will be available for order.

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