Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas home

Last weekend i've started decorating our apartment with Christmas stuff.

I bought this white Christmas tree a couple of years ago. I thought we might not have snow for Christmas so i wanted lots of white inside our apartment. There was plenty of snow last two winters, but this time it seems that we might not have any.

I got these lights and the little candle house last week. I just got this idea that i want to have lights inside something, and once i saw this glass house i realized that it's perfect for my white theme.

This year we have a real advent calendar with little gifts. We had only chocolate ones before.

This year i wanted to add some red to my Christmas decorations, so i got this "Christmas star" flower.

The white fake "Christmas star" flowers and glittery decorations are from last years.

We always have some extra ornaments, because our tree is so small. This time i wanted to display them somehow, so i put them in a big jar with some tinsel on the bottom.

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