Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Some new and old knitting

I've finally finished knitting Mitya's beanie. It took me about two weeks, because i didn't use any pattern, so i had to take it apart and start all over again couple of times. It has two layers, which is also why it took quite long time.

I also remembered that i've never shown here the scarf i made last winter. It took me ages to make this scarf, so by the time it was ready the winter was over and i didn't really use it until now. It also has two layers, i made it with 5 double pointed needles. I'm happy how it turned out, exactly what i wanted.

We both look so sad on those pics for some reason. I guess Mitya is sad because he's loaded with school work and i'm sad because there's no snow :( (i have loads of school work too, but i'm more sad about the snow)

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