Saturday, March 12, 2011

New blog design and circles

I changed the design for my blog a little bit. Basically I just changed the banner, made the blog itself a bit wider and changed some other little things. I also added some more boxes on the right side: there is a little preview of my Flickr photostream as well as a list of links that i called "portfolio" (not sure if it's a good title), and that is where i listed poster and package designs i did. I'll keep adding and there might be some new pages coming up later on.

I decided to change my banner, because i noticed that i've been really into drawing circles recently.

I must say, i am not a very good visual artists when it comes to drawing and painting. But i really enjoy doing it. So all i can draw is some geometric shapes and patterns. But i like experimenting with those shapes, as well as with colors and mediums.

I am usually not very confident about how good they look. I just draw them because i enjoy it. But sometimes nice things come out and then i can use them for posters or record packaging. Or a blog banner :)

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