Monday, October 25, 2010

New film cameras

Last month, before we went on tour, I got an old Soviet VILIA film camera from my relatives.

I shot one roll when we came back, and did not get any super great photos, but i still like the colors and can't wait to shoot more.

This was not the only camera i got last month. Actually, the other one is something even more special:

I've never shot medium format before and i can't wait to try. I am not even sure i know how to use this camera, but today i'm getting the film and i'll try what comes out of this. Unfortunately, it's getting darker and darker every day and winter's coming. Hopefully, we'll still get a couple of sunny days.

I missed shooting film lately, because my Nikon has been broken for a while. Now i can shoot again and if anyone has any advice on what can be done with the cameras i got, i would love to hear. I think Notka has some ideas already :)

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