Sunday, September 26, 2010

Paper bowl

I've been so frustrated with throwing away so much paper recently. I have membership cards for couple of shops and with those cards i get a bunch of magazines every month. Most of them i go through only once and then they go to paper recycle box. Some of them i don't even open.

One day i thought i should try making something out of them, so that they work at least to some purpose. Especially that i like crafting.

So i started of making a paper bowl:

I only needed a glue-gun and one Stockmann magazine to create a bowl like this. But it was still lacking something, so i got out my paints and made it much more colorful:

I enjoyed making it a lot and from that moment on i am not throwing away a single magazine or newspaper. I am working on more bowls like this but i'd also like to try making something else. I have couple of ways to make paper baskets in mind, but i would appreciate any other ideas coming in!

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